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Solange by Elena Syraka


“Solange Sandals” is the brainchild project of two of the most influential and stylish women in Greece.

Entering a new era of creativity, Solange combines the energy of two icons becoming one under the symbol of the Greek Sun.

Maria Nikolopoulou, is not only the prominent owner of SOHO-SOHO boutiques located in Athens, Mykonos and Spetses. With an expertise of more than 20 years in the Fashion Market, and a unique style that incorporates elements of “what is now trending”, she is the absolute inspiration behind “Solange Sandals”.

Elena Syraka, a renowned artist, jewellery designer and citizen of the world, not only unites her forces with the other half of Solange Sandals, but also curates the collections adding a sense of artisanal luxe to the already sophisticated style of the brand.

What started of as “Labyrinth”, a collaboration for the Benaki Museum inspired from both the Minoan and Mycenaean civilization, continued as a high fashion brand evoking a sense of luxurious summer and a spirit of travel, for those who chase the sun all year round.

The heritage of handmade ancient techniques, the top quality of premium leather, the brass elements, the semi precious gemstones and the iconic design, all result in a unique puzzle of pure lines and high end aesthetics for those who want to stand out by living an ouststanding life!

Step into the world of Solange Sandals and enjoy the magic!



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