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Solange Sandals is a high fashion brand launched in 2015 by Maria Nikolopoulou and Elena Syraka. Inspired by Sol (Sun-Helios) that reflects the essence of Greek Summer and Savannah, the curly haired exotic looking daughter of the designer, Solange Sandals evoke a sense of luxurious summer and a spirit of travel, for those who chase the sun all year round.


A raw yet feminine energy distinguishes the Solange Sandals positioning the brand as a leader at the premium Greek market and a promising player in the international fashion scene. The materials used are natural, chemical free coming from traditional Greek businesses and the decorative elements are hand picked brass accessories and semi precious stones.


Keeping an eye to the tradition by paying respect to handmade craftmanship, ensuring the top quality by using 100 % premium leather, brass elements, energy healing gemstones and contributing to an iconic design, Solange Sandals are a unique mixture of pure lines and high end aesthetics for those who want to stand out by living an ouststanding life!


Solange Sandals

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